It’s All Around Us

International Find the Good Day™

Now more than ever, the world needs greater optimism, positivity and resilience. Optimism has been proven to positively impact our health, motivation, outcomes and performance. There is a certain bravery that comes with a positive outlook, it’s much easier to have a negative attitude and give up. What if we shifted our focus away from only looking at the problems in our communities to focusing on the good? Would we accelerate impact? In our communities? In ourselves?

International Find the Good Day – created by The Junior League – is dedicated to finding the good in yourself, your community, and the world around you. On September 19, 2024, Junior Leagues across the Association will host events and raise awareness. Whether it is a community fair or a self-care event for local leaders, this day provides an opportunity to build awareness and support for The Junior League movement. This day highlights the good you do – from your impact in the community to your advancement of women’s leadership in your League to your relationships with your fellow Junior League members – and so much more.